Currently, TD Robinson's Horse Drawn Carriage service offers an elegant, memorable way to transport your loved to his or her final resting place, using a restored 1800's horse drawn hearse. We provide a horse drawn hearse with coachmen and footman dressed in formal attire. Our standard operating procedure is to meet at the cemetary, or a predetermined staging area within one mile of the cemetary, for transfer from the funeral coach to our carriage for service to gravesite. We will gladly transport from the funeral chapel to the cemetary, provided the distance of travel is within a reasonable distance for our horses. TD Robinson's Carriage Service operates year-round. We are very dedicated to the health, safety, and welfare of our horses and staff, therefore, extremes of weather that can endanger the horses and/or staff, will result in cancellation. In the event cancellation of service has been made prior to our departure from our company's location, no fee will be assessed. The fare for our service will depend on the specific details of the individual funeral.

TD Robinson's Carriage Service does not profit from the death of children. Therefore, the fare for our service for children will be strictly at cost.

Notice to active duty military service members:

TD Robinson's Carriage Service will provide service free of charge for active duty military service members who have died in the line of duty. We believe that our fallen heroes deserve the best for the sacrifice they have made for our country. Service shall be dependant on our availability. We will gladly accept donations for the care and maintenance of our hearse and horses.